Frequently asked questions

Here you can check the frequently questions in the anonymous reporting channel of Osborne Clarke

I have lost my password to check the status of my complaint. What can I do?

Unfortunately, for security reasons, only the alerter knows your access code and password. If you lose either of them, you will not be able to follow up the communication. This does not mean that the communication will not follow its course, but simply that you will not be able to see how it is progressing, or to provide more information if the company requires it.

What happens to the information I provide?

Your report is immediately made available to the organisation. The organisation may have questions or comments for you, so be sure to log in and check the status of your complaint on a regular basis.

What kind of information should I include?

Include as much information as possible. It will be easier for the organisation to review and respond to your report if it contains specific details such as dates, times, locations, departments, documents, accounts, policies, names, activities, etc. You can also upload files relevant to your report, such as Microsoft Office files, videos, images and PDF files. If you wish to remain anonymous, avoid providing identifying details.

Where is the platform that manages the channel?

The whistleblowing channel works on an external platform, This company receives the reports and automatically sends them to the company for evaluation. The ithikios servers are located in European data centres. Your data are encrypted to avoid the risks of intrusion as much as possible.